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Iron Gallery, LLC in Austin Texas is a company the hand-craft custom Wrought Iron Lighting that spams a wide selection of outdoor and indoor Light Fixtures and Wrought Iron Chandeliers. In this time of technology where everything is mass produce with machinery using affordable materials or tubing to lower the production cost and simple designs to the eye, the good hand-craft products are getting hard to find since technology is taken over with the mass production of the new trend designs and once this trend is gone our accessories look out of style. Iron Gallery located in Austin Texas designs and handcraft lighting with the rich look and feel of the authentic handcraft products, by using solid wrought iron materials, the hand-forged look stands out  from the discriminating eye of the savvy knowledgeable customer, were rustic does not mean the you can see weld spots, gaps or grinding marks, to the contrary a good black smith is distinguish by using robust materials and joining parts by press fitting parts using the heat for expansion thermal welding and enjoying the art of repousse all the parts using thick materials to form leafs, candle plates, and rossettes were the heat and the use of various tools give the parts and accessories the rich look of the old world craftsmanship the it was done in Europe centuries ago. We carry a large collection of light fixtures with many architectural styles and large selection of accessories to choose from, we are capable of handcrafting custom sizes since all of our fixtures are hand made, we offer light fixtures and custom hand-forged chandeliers, rustic metal lighting and light fixtures, and our collection includes indoor wall sconces, black iron chandeliers, rustic chandeliers, French Country Chandeliers, foyer chandeliers, pendant lights, flush mount light fixtures, kitchen lights, bathroom light fixtures and vanity sconces, we offer chandeliers with custom sizes and designs to complement your entry way, stair case, or railing. The outdoor lighting collection includes Mexican lighting, hand forge wall sconces, wall mount bracket lights, Spanish hacienda and Spanish revival lighting, pendant lights for outdoor hallways, and we are capable of manufacturing indoor and outdoor lighting for any project or historical site with proper unique designs for the period and the correct sizes to fit your architectural structure or building, enhancing your interior or exterior decoration. Our collection also includes a variety of light fixtures for commercial and hospitality sites, as well as outdoor architectural landscape lighting. Our indoor kitchen lighting includes chandeliers, pendant lights, pot racks with lights. The bathroom light fixture collection includes, vanity sconces, pendant light fixtures, chandeliers, wrought iron sconces, and black iron chandeliers. Our products are made using wrought iron or solid materials, hand-forging the material hot and by hand, using robust materials and hand-repousse all of the major elements like leaves, brackets, chains and candle plates giving our light fixture collection the rich craftsmanship and the authentic old world look of a unique arts and crafts, these makes our light fixture collection unique, and 98% hand-crafted by our true talented blacksmiths with many years of experience and most of the time this experience is pass from previous generations on the trade. The paint finish is done by hand one light fixture at the time and every fixture is unique, our line of designer lights are custom made to your specifications and ADA compliant as well. The outdoor wall sconce collection is created to enhance the architectural elements of your structure and facade, our large selection of unique designs inspired from Europe and from old Mexican Haciendas, and California homes build with the Spanish Colonial style with a large selection of designs to choose from Rococo, Tuscan, Medieval, French Country, Spanish, Mexican, Hacienda lights and fixtures, Historical lighting reproduction, Spanish Colonial with custom designs and sizes for outdoor coach lights and wrought iron chandelier with crystals, wall sconces and hospitality light fixtures. We also offer a unique collection of wood and wrought iron chandelier and indoor wall sconces with deep hand-carving. Our clients range from Architects and Decorators with experience on Mediterranean, French country, Hacienda style to Spanish revival, Spanish Colonial periods, as well as resorts, hospitality venues, historical sites, lighting retailers offering unique period lighting collection, landscape architects specialize in historical landscape teams, interior designers looking for the romantic old world rustic lighting, custom home builders, and savvy homeowners looking for the most authentic European Mediterranean, French, Medieval, Mexica or Hacienda style indoor and outdoor hand-made iron light fixtures and lighting fixtures made out of wrought iron with the craftsmanship and the unique look, and exquisite appeal needed to add value to any project. Our exclusive designs and collection of wrought iron lighting will create timeless beauty and will add value to any structure residence or venue. Our collection has a distinctive look from other light fixtures manufacturers with competitive prices, exclusive hand-made designs and custom sizes created for our clients. Browse our catalog and enter our light galleries with pictures send by customer's with finish projects to see the difference in our products and designs using quality robust wrought hand-forged materials and exceptional craftsmanship the makes Iron Gallery's your source for unique lighting and artisan iron light fixtures, rustic Chandeliers, Mexican light fixtures and chandeliers. We ship our products nation wide and Canada. Our products are hand-made , using hand-forged solid materials or wrought iron, and not mass produce using tubular and bending machinery to do the scroll work. Our picture product show case shows you a custom made hand-carved ash wood and iron chandelier with a unique design very detail and deep hand carving craftsmanship on the body to enhance the design on the wood and creating a soft blend with the wrought iron 24 arms. This chandelier has three tiers with 24 candelabra lights, the tiers are position in 4 deferent heights and is complemented with 6inch tall candle covers, with hand-repousse accents, this chandelier measures 72-inch height by 62-inch diameter. The showcasing of a pendant kitchen light fixtures with a unique design and fitted with custom made cylinder seedy mouth blown glass this shade projects a romantic light sparkle on the wall created by the seedy glass bubles, This kitchen pendant lights is an excellent choice for your kitchen lighting decoration adding a touch of uniqueness and elegant touch, this pendant can be use in your hallways as well. Our wall sconces are hand-forged some designs have gold leaf elements, showing the technics and quality of the old world craftsmanship used in Italy, and France by the maestros or master crafstman applying the gold or silver leaf on the metal wood, we count with a large selection of Spanish revival period lighting, and Hacienda lighting or Mexican lighting. The outdoor wall sconce adorn the facade of the Brownstone's architectural style homes, The Capri wood and iron chandelier shown the deep carving and rich design on the main wood body and the 3/4 inch metal arms, following by hand-repousse leafs and candle cover plates, with 2-inch thick candle covers. We have the capabilities of fabricating your own designs, and build antique lighting reproduction with custom sizes, combining and using several materials like wrought iron, copper, stainless steel, and hand-carved wood are complementing the  unique arts and craft lighting design of our collection

   All of our images are clear from our actual products for our customers to see the details and craftsmanship of our products 

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